Monday, February 12, 2024

Car Detailing.

Car Detailing is something you may not expect from your body shop. However, if you need car detailing in Elmwood Park choose Arrow Body Services. The staff of auto detailers are fast and always professional.

You should be very pleased with the final result. The detailing done by the Arrow team includes vacuuming the entire interior. They will clean and polish the dashboard, trim, vents, and instruments. There is so much more to the project. You can see the steps at

You see, Arrow Body Services has been a part of the Elmwood Park community for 75 years. You know that you can trust Arrow Body Services if you have a car accident in Chicagoland. Auto detailing is yet another service that they offer.

Thursday, February 1, 2024

A Great Body Shop.

Who will you trust your vehicle to if you have an accident in Chicagoland? How about an auto body shop with three-quarters of a century of unmatched success in returning cars to the highways of our area?

If that happens to you and your family, you can always trust Arrow Body Services of Elmwood Park. That has been the answer for auto body repair since the late 1940’s. That gives the drivers of our area great comfort!

Visit to see the before and after pictures of cars they have restored after accidents. Arrow Body Service of Elmwood Park has so much to offer to Chicagoland drivers. Check us out today.

Monday, January 15, 2024

Auto Frame Repair.

If you have had a recent car accident in Chicagoland, you may need your vehicle’s frame repaired. The fact is, there is an auto frame repair shop in Elmwood Park who has been doing that sort of work for decades. They have thousands of satisfied customers to prove it!

That shop is one that Chicago area drivers have trusted for a long time…Arrow Body Services LLC. Arrow has provided expert accident and frame repair for Elmwood Park and Chicagoland for a very long time. It’s just like building a house, you start with the frame and work outward.

Arrow Body Services knows the importance of auto frame repair. The auto body repair experts at Arrow are trained to do a great job every time. If you have an auto accident in the Elmwood Park area, trust the folks at Arrow Body Services.

Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Mechanical And Electrical Repair.

When you think of Arrow Body Services of Elmwood Park, you probably think of one of Chicagoland’s oldest and most reliable auto body shops. Arrow Body Services is MUCH more than that! They are also accomplished in mechanical and electrical repair of your damaged vehicle.

They repair all related collision mechanical repair in the shop at 7536 W. Grand Ave. in Elmwood Park. That will give you peace of mind. You know what else it will do? You will no longer have to bounce around from shop to shop getting your car fully repaired.

Arrow Body Services of Elmwood Park is your “one stop body shop” for all your collision repair needs. Look, what you really want is to get back on the road with your vehicle operating as well as it ever has. That’s what Arrow Body Services of Elmwood Park will do.

Monday, December 11, 2023

Auto Body Repair for Seventy-Five Years.

That’s a long time. We certainly don’t need to tell you that. For the entire lifespan of the average American, Arrow Body Services of Elmwood Park has been serving Chicagoland with affordable, excellent, guaranteed auto body repair.

Repairing cars and pick-up trucks after a collision on the busy roads of the Chicago area is no easy task! Painting, frame straightening, and dealing with all the newer vehicles is an evolving task. Arrow Body Services has stayed right on top of this ever-changing world.

Arrow Body Services of Elmwood Park pledges that 2024 will include even more growth. Here at Arrow Body Services, we will do everything that can be done to continue to be the “best in the business”. Think of Arrow Body Services of Elmwood Park in this upcoming year.

Friday, December 1, 2023

Collision Repair in Chicagoland.

It started 75 years ago. Arrow Body Services of Elmwood Park has provided highly skilled, conscientious collision repair to thousands of area residents. If you need collision repair in Elmwood Park, call Arrow Body Services to get back on the road as quickly as possible.

What separates Arrow Body Services of Elmwood Park from other auto body shops? They have specialized in collision repair for decades…experience is always a good start! Best of all, they understand all of the ins and outs of dealing with your insurance company.

Arrow Body Services of Elmwood Park has been your first choice for collision repair in Chicagoland for as long as anyone can remember. When you walk through the door, you will see a real auto body shop in operation. That’s Arrow Body Services located at 7536 W. Grand Ave. in Elmwood Park.

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Free Insurance Estimate.

Arrow Body Services of Elmwood Park will do a free insurance estimate on your damaged vehicle if you have had an accident in Chicagoland. Wouldn’t it be nice if your auto body repair friends and your insurance company actually worked together?

Arrow Body Services has over 50 years of experience doing just that! They know the ins and outs of auto insurance. Arrow’s reps will help you get a fair deal when you submit your insurance claim. Let’s face it, we all fear what will happen when the insurance company that you may have trusted for years gets ahold of your repair estimate.

When it comes to insurance estimates in Chicagoland, count on Arrow Body Services of Elmwood Park to ensure you are treated fairly. There is enough trauma when you have a mishap on these busy roads. Let Arrow Body Services take some of it off your mind by working with…not against your insurance company.