Monday, August 15, 2022

The Parts May Make a Huge Difference.

When your vehicle is damaged in an accident in Chicagoland, the parts that are used by the auto body shop you choose could be critical. Arrow Body and Fender of Elmwood Park knows that (after more than 7 decades in business, you know they do!). It is just one step in the process that you can count on.

Arrow Body and Fender will measure the correct parts needed for the job weighed against your budget to make the appropriate decisions. You want to avoid being that person who overpays for a part to be installed and then down the road pay again because the part was defective in some way.

Arrow Body and Fender has spent the last 70+ years honing its skills. This multi-generation, family-owned business, located at 7536 W. Grand Ave. in Elmwood Park, has probably served your family’s previous generations. When you need them, they’ll be there. Just read about their family history at

Monday, August 1, 2022

I Came Here for Collision Repair.

In this “Age of Amazon” it seems like every company wants to be full service. If you have an auto accident in Chicagoland, then your car needs collision repair…NOT an oil change! Sure, you might get one of those somewhere else, but you want your auto body repair shop to restore your vehicle to like-new condition.

Arrow Body and Fender of Elmwood Park does just that. For almost three-quarters of a century they have specialized in the best collision repair available in Chicagoland. When you find a state-of-the-art car body repair shop populated with certified technicians who will treat you like family, you can’t do any better!

When disappointment comes to you and yours, and a car accident makes things difficult for the family, call Arrow Body and Fender in Elmwood Park as soon as possible. See the whole story (especially their rich history) for yourself at Here is the phone number to call (708) 456-9424.

Friday, July 15, 2022

Thinking of Having Your Car’s Windows Tinted this Summer?

Maybe you forgot, while we don’t live in the desert, the additional heat of natural sunlight can make the car uncomfortably hot, even in a Chicagoland summer. Window tinting from Arrow Body and Fender (and painting as well as tinting) can keep your car cool inside this summer and for many to come.

Arrow Body and Fender wants to remind you of yet another reason to have your windows tinted. With a suitably (legal) dark tint the car can be cooled down, which blocks out over half of the sunlight during summer. So now, voila… your car is less likely to overheat!

Arrow Body and Fender is more than the most reliable auto body repair shop in our area. They are so much more. To see that story, you merely go to the internet and visit When you see a service provided by Arrow Body and Fender of Elmwood Park that you want/need just call (708) 456-9424.