Friday, September 15, 2017

Body Shop Testimonials.

Let me run some of these by you.  An owner of a 2013 Nissan saw paint peeling SIX MONTHS after a bumper repair.  The touch-up was done at NO extra charge.  You found the right parts for my 1979 Bonneville (can you say model T?).  I can’t believe it!  The entire experience was friendly and helpful from beginning to end.

Here is someone with a 2000 Cadillac DeVille.  They raved about the attention to detail and wanted the entire staff to know how grateful they were for the TLC.  Now here is one that only could come from a body shop that is multi-generational.  Our family has been a customer for many years and you have always done precision work.

The laudits and plaudits go on and on.  That’s not bad after 70 years!  The auto body shop in this scenario is Arrow Body and Fender.  Out of their Elmwood park location they have been Chicagoland’s choice for auto body repair and painting for generations.  If you want to be the next testimonial on the list make an appointment at Arrow Body and Fender by calling (708) 456-9424.

Monday, September 11, 2017

RAW - Ravenswood Art Walk, Sept 16-17

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"Outdoor market, beer garden, live music, food trucks and children's activities at Ravenswood Ave and Berteau."

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

OEM or No OEM.

That is the question.  What is OEM in the auto body repair world?  It means Original Equipment Manufacturer parts.  That’s right…the real deal not an ersatz car part!  If you take your car to an independent shop, you'll most likely get aftermarket car parts.  For you and your baby that may not be acceptable!
An aftermarket part is defined as any part of a vehicle that is NOT sourced from the car’s maker.  Of course, if the dealership from which you bought your car does that work you will get OEM parts, but at what price?  The best way to proceed after an accident is probably original equipment from an independent body shop.

Voila…there it is!  The answer in Chicagoland is Arrow Body and Fender.  Arrow hits the bulls eye as the Chicago area home for independent auto body repair featuring OEM parts.  That is the exacta that you should want (next to the feature race at Arlington).  Call Arrow Body and Fender for an appointment at their Elmwood Park location (708) 456-9424.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

It's Back to School for Chicago!

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It's back to school for Chicago - and here are the dates you need to be aware of! 

One Stop Repair.

If you get into an auto accident in Chicagoland the world stops for a moment.  Hopefully, there are no injuries and the damage is confined to your vehicle.  Still, your life changes while the transportation that you rely on every day is in the shop.  You can’t get your car or SUV back soon enough!

What you need at that point is an auto body shop that does ALL of the repairs AND repairs collision-related mechanical damage in house.  You should never have to take your vehicle all over Chicago to get it completely repaired.  What’s best is that the auto body shop should guarantee ALL of the repairs.

We have been blessed to have just such a business in our area for seven decades.  That is Arrow Body and Fender - Chicagoland’s full-service collision and mechanical repair body shop.  Make your plans, ask a friend, take Uber for a minute, but rest assured that you will get your baby back as quickly as possible by calling (708) 456-9424 in Elmwood Park.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Things to do in Chicago - August 2017

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"Is it August already? Time to get serious about maximizing your swimming pool time and making this summer count."

We hope it’s been a Safe Summer.

As the season begins to wind down and back to school is just weeks away we wanted to wish all Chicagoans a safe remainder of the summer of 2017.  More driving increases the chances of an accident.  If that were to occur we hope that you will remember the auto body shop that has been here for SEVEN DECADES!

We are Arrow Body and Fender located in Elmwood Park IL.  At Arrow, we specialize ONLY in collision repair.  Why is that important?  Well simply put, we concentrate on making your four-wheeled baby as good as new instead of devoting valuable space and time doing oil changes and brake jobs.

The great news is this.  Even though we have served three generations with our family-owned business we never fall behind the latest technology.  The staff goes through continued education as the equipment gets newer and better.  If you ever need us we are there as we have been since the late 1940’s.  Arrow Body and Fender Chicagoland’s auto body shop at (708) 456-9424.