Thursday, March 15, 2018

Taking Care of the Mechanics as Well as the Body.

Has this ever happened to you or someone that you know?  You have a car accident that requires not only body work, but mechanical repair as well.  Now you have dual problem and potentially days (even weeks) of extra time without your vehicle.  It is incredibly frustrating to be without your ride for any longer than necessary!

This time is stressful enough.  You do NOT want to be bouncing about from shop to shop to get your baby back on the road!  Finding the right shop that can either repair BOTH problems, or sublet the mechanical part to someone who will treat your ride with the same TLC is vital to getting you back to your normal routine.

Meet the team at Arrow Body and Fender of Elmwood Park.  Our name suggests that we are skilled in body work.  What it does not indicate is that we know you can’t afford to be grounded when the body is back to new.  That is why we at Arrow, one of Chicagoland’s premier auto body repair shops will see that the mechanical work is done as well.  Please give us a call at (708) 456-9424.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Remembering our Patriarch.

His name was Big Joe Bellocchio.  He was our dad, our grandpa, our patriarch.  More than 70 years ago returned from the South Pacific and began working for HIS father.  He was a great visionary who saw that after the war preceded by the Great Depression Americans were ready to prosper with one or two cars in every family.

With that, came a need for automobile repair of all types be it under the hood or to the frame.  So, what did Big Joe do?  He began training at a utility trade school with those goals in mind.  Before too long, he was a skilled apprentice serving some of Chicagoland’s top automobile repair masters.

Fast forward to today.  The Bellocchio family still runs and manages the shop located at 7536 W. Grand Ave. in Elmwood Park.  Joe Jr. is our patriarch now and he honors the tradition and dedication to perfection set forth by his dad seven decades ago.  Come and see for yourself.  We will show you the operation.  Please call (708) 456-9424.

March 2018 events calendar for Chicago

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Proof You Need is Easy to Find.

There are many services that we use so infrequently that when it comes time to do so we are just looking for a good recommendation or two before we hire them.  One of those is the art of auto body repair.  Maybe you will never need it, but when and if you do whom do you use?  You don’t have to let the insurance company decide for you!

Something that you could do is check their website.  What are the reviews?  Arrow Body and Fender has some great ones on their site such as…”You did an outstanding job on my 2000 Cadillac Coupe De Ville.”  “You treat our cars as if they were your own.”  “We have a lot of respect for your family and business.”

Over the last seven decades Arrow Body and Fender has serviced generations of families throughout Chicagoland.  No one needs to tell you that they are the best choice, but it sure is comforting to hear it from others.  They will be there at 7536 W. Grand Ave. in Elmwood Park when you need them.  Call (708) 456-9424.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Tow, Tow, Tow Your Car.

Gently, of course to your favorite auto body shop for its needed repairs.  When you trust Chicagoland’s auto repair specialist Arrow Body and Fender you could get a free tow!  That’s right.  There is one expense that you and your insurance company can put behind you and get to the real business at hand.

As a matter of fact, you may qualify for free towing AND free storage.  We hope that you don’t need this service anytime soon, but if and when you do it certainly provides peace of mind.  Unfortunately, the towing of your vehicle can be the most annoying first step in the process if you don’t work with the right people.

Please visit our website at  Here, you will discover what the limits of our free towing and storage encompass.  One thing is certain…when you trust Arrow to do the repairs you have hit a bullseye!  We are Arrow Body and Fender located at 7536 W. Grand Ave. in Elmwood Park serving you proudly for over 70 years.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Free Museum Days at the Best Chicago Museums

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"Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to spend a fortune in order to visit some of Chicago's best museums and cultural institutions."